Teaser of ´Medellín, a story to hear´

The transmedia project ´Medellin, a story to hear´, which is part of ´FomeccBiz Medellin-Barcelona. Phase II´, has released a teaser to boost the promotion and marketing of the project. The film shows three main components of the production-its three narrative levels: the audiovisual, which takes us into the real and everyday; the musical, which supports and emphasises it; and the animations and illustrations that make the metaphors of that reality. ´Medellin, a story to hear´ tells true stories from the city from the standpoint of social transformation and cultural growth, conveying the impact of culture in the development of citizenship and harnessing the technical expertise of both sectors. AVA and Gestar Cultural are responsible for its production, and international experts Toni Marín and Xavier Capellas were involved in creating the concept. This transmedia project is one of the outcomes of the synergy between artistic sectors fostered by ´FomeccBiz Medellin-Barcelona: generating a cultural and creative business network for local development. Phase II´, an initiative run by Interarts and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia with the support of Barcelona City Council´s ´Barcelona Solidarity 2014´programme.
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