FOMECC and the entrepreneur

FOMECC and the entrepreneur

The FOMECC working methodology accompanies the cultural and / or creative entrepreneur from the moment when he discovers the Program to the time when his project achieves a degree of development that ensures its viability.

Open calls

The business initiatives that enter the Program are selected periodically through open calls. Each one of these consists of two elements:

· Awareness-raising. Workshops, seminars and other events enable the local artistic and cultural sector to become aware of the cultural and creative sector's potential. The aim is to motivate participants to submit applications in the open call process which follows the awareness-raising activities carried out within the Program.

These activities imply direct participation of the selected candidates; they are privileged frameworks for debate, updating of information, identification of needs and expectations of the cultural and creative sector.

· Selection of entrepreneurial initiatives. Once the awareness-raising activities have finalized, the Program selects the entrepreneurial initiatives which will be included in the accompaniment phase.

Deadlines for this phase are predetermined and are communicated through the different Program's channels, such as its Web page or via flyers and electronic newsletters.


After a general training in management follows an individual training period during which entrepreneurs are guided by an expert-consultant. This phase is organized as follows:

· Group training. The selected entrepreneurs take part in a series of group courses on management. The duration of the courses is of approximately 60 hours.

· Individual training and project management. Once the entrepreneur has completed the basic training period, or has shown that this is not necessary, he enters the individual training phase with an expert-consultant who, with the entrepreneur, will identify the topics to strengthen and will undertake the necessary steps to consolidate and launch the initial business project.

This phase requires an attentive and proactive participation from the entrepreneurs and their teams. Indeed, in each session with the expert-consultant a number of specific and progressive tasks will be defined; the success and speed of the process will depend on their achievement.

The expert-consultant has the responsibility to advise the entrepreneur on issues such as the correct structure of the business plan; the participation in tenders, events, fairs, etc.; the definition of a communication plan with companies or organizations with which to set up commercial links or a fund-raising campaign.

Management and green-housing

Green-housing of entrepreneurial projects having completed a first development stage is done during this phase of the Program.

Green-housing includes carrying out all the relevant tasks to achieve business deals, participation in tenders as well as links with networks and production chains; it also entails specialized advice sessions in accordance with the concrete needs of the entrepreneurs.