The FOMECC Program is structured in the following three phases:

Phase one: Implementation

The aim is to structure a platform with different components
- research, training and management - to stimulate the production of cultural goods and services.

Awareness-raising and training activities are the main activities foreseen during this phase along with a first call for cultural and creative business projects.

Second phase: Consolidation

The aim is to carry parallel processes to search for, select and accompany entrepreneurial initiatives offering artistic and cultural goods and services.

The initiatives have to adjust to productivity and competitive criteria in order to make a dynamic contribution to the national economy and to have an international projection.

This process contributes, on the one hand, to the improvement of the quality of life of artists and creators; on the other, to a better organization of the cultural sector and to the enhancement of its international projection, through professional networking and the ensuing generation of production chains.

Third phase: Market positioning

The aim is to increase the opportunities to set up professional networks, business contacts and productive alliances through meetings and encounters.

This phase closes the model's cycle, with special emphasis on the concluding business accompaniment process which entails marketing of both the business and their products.