Participation in the Conference on the African Creative Economy (Nairobi, Kenia)

From 4 to 6 December, the ARTerial network organised the Conference on the African Creative Economy, with the participation of over a hundred cultural professionals. Among the participants was also Maria Casas, Interarts' project coordinator and representative in West Africa, to present the FOMECC Senegal project to bodies, organisations and other cultural cooperation agents gathered at the event, as well as to establish contacts with them. The conference revealed the wide range of cultural and creative initiatives in different African regions, as well as the need to foster networking, mobilise public and private agents, boost local markets and strengthen the role of cities by creating a programme of African creative cities or twinning projects. FOMECC Senegal is a part of the Promotion of Creative and Cultural Industries programme, Interarts' initiative in collaboration with local partners and the support of AECID. More information.
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