New EENC reports: mobility of artists and trends in public funding for culture in the EU

The European Expert Network on Culture EENC has recently published two new reports. The first one is an analysis of the mobility of artists within the European Union (EU) and administrative practices in social security and taxation related to this mobility. The document was commissioned to On the Move and its authors are Demartin M. Le Sourd and E. Di Federico, from On The Move; in collaboration with A. Debaere and T. Perez, from PEARLE*. The second one examines the main trends in public funding for culture in the EU Member States, based on an analysis of the public spending statistics in recent years. This report has been prepared by V. Copic, P. Inkei, A. Kangas and A. Srakar, with the support of Interarts in research and editing. Both studies, available on the website of EENC, have been requested by the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission to the EENC, a network coordinated by Interarts and Culture Action Europe.

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