FOMECC Colombia-Urabá Launch

The project "Pomotion of the commercial network of the cultural sector in the Antioquia region, Uraba sub-regio, Colombia" is currently in its launch phase. The initiative emerges in the framework of the Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries FOMECC programme, developed by Interarts in different countries with the support of AECID and the participation of local partners. In this case, this results from the previous collaboration between Interarts and the University of Antioquia, which have carried out together FOMECC Colombia, in Medellin since 2007. By applying resources and capabilities of Medellin to a broader region which experiences social, economic and cultural problems, this new FOMECC project aims at strengthening Urabá's cultural agents to promote cultural exchange that create new areas of coexistence and reduce factors of violence.
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