EENC: Papers on Culture and the EU Structural Funds in Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain

In the framework of the design and negotiation of the EU's Cohesion Policy and the Operational Programmes for the funding period 2014-20, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture asked the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) to analyse how the cultural and creative sectors could foster local and regional development in several EU Member States. The EENC website now features the first four papers produced in this context, elaborated by Cornelia Dümcke (Germany), Pier Luigi Sacco (Italy), Dorota Ilczuk and Malgorzata Nowak (Poland) and Jordi Pascual (Spain). Each analysis presents an overview of available information on how the Structural Funds have been used with regard to the cultural sector, a short SWOT analysis for investment in the cultural and creative sector and an identification of priorities for investment in culture in 2014-2020. Similar analyses of some other EU Member States are currently being prepared. The EENC is coordinated by Interarts and Culture Action Europe. Acces the papers.

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