FomeccBiz Barcelona-Medellin II: présentation officielle et programmes radio

Bientôt disponible en français. Under phase II of FomeccBiz Barcelona-Medellin, which supports cultural entrepreneurs in that Colombian city, a day of introduction to the joint work between the broadcasting and music industries of Medellin was recently held. The synergy between these sectors is an example of how the innovative methodologies provided by this initiative can be used, which is backed by the Broadcasting, Video Games and Animation Association (AVA) of Medellin and Gestar Cultural. Other activities carried out in this second phase include broadcasting two radio shows on cultural entrepreneurship (part 1 and part 2), featuring the project managers on the University of Medellin culture station 940am[/a]. Barcelona-Medellin FomeccBiz Phase II is a project run by Interarts and the University of Antioquia as part of the programme Promoting Cultural and Creative Companies - FOMECC, with funding from Barcelona Council's Barcelona Solidària programme. (Photo: Gestar Cultural).
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