Nouvelle documentation du projet LAIC sur culture et développement urbain durable

Bientôt disponible en français. One of the outcomes of the recently completed LAIC-Culture and Arts supporting Social Cohesion in Latin American cities project is a Study of Good Practices, with versions in Spanish and English. The document details a number of projects carried out in Latin America and the European Union that have an impact on urban development and the sustainable strengthening of the community. The publication also includes recommendations for future policies, programmes and lines of action geared towards sustainable urban development processes. In addition, there is also a video produced by Bozar (the other organisation that implemented LAIC along with Interarts) on the 'Latin American Cartographies' exhibition held in Brussels, Belgium, from 18 May to 6 August 2017 as part of the project. LAIC has had financing from the European Union.
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