LAIC présent à la journée sur entreprenariat culturel de l'Ambassade d'Espagne en Belgique

Bientôt disponible en français. On May 17th, the workshop 'Tools for creative entrepreneurs: crowdfunding, branding & storytelling', was held by the Cultural Ministry of the Spanish Embassy in Belgium. It was attended by young Ibero-American entrepreneurs with projects created and/or developed in Belgium. Led by Economía Creativa Consultancy, the workshop included a presentation of 'LAIC - Culture and Arts in Support of Social Cohesion in Latin America', which is an example of how the arts can play an active role in society and contribute to participatory and creative citizenship. Toni Cots, project coordinator, and Conrado Uribe, non-key expert, presented the LAIC aims and programme following an introduction by Interarts director Mercedes Giovinazzo. The full presentation is available at this video (from minut 36) and continues in this video.
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