Document transmedia ´Medellin un conte à écouter´

Bientôt disponible en français.
The transmedia bible created during the second phase of the project ´FomeccBiz Medellin-Barcelona. Generating a cultural and creative business network is now available, in Spanish, to read and disseminate. It is the upshot of work carried out jointly by entrepreneurs in Medellin´s audiovisual and music sectors; a synergy sought by this initiative to explore new business models at the intersection between these two related fields. The co-creation workshop, led by Toni Marin and Xavier Capellas and coordinated by the University of Antioquia Faculty of Arts, has provided entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to make ´Medellin a story to hear´ into a transmedia product with the potential to be produced and marketed in the future. The project partners Broadcasting, Video Games and Animation Association (AVA) and Gestar Cultural have also played a key role in developing this story, in which musicians of diverse backgrounds, gender and experiences tell us what it means to be an artist in Medellin, a city that is still building its own identity through its renewal. ´FomeccBiz Medellin-Barcelona-Phase II´ is part of the FOMECC Programme and an initiative of Interarts and the University of Antioquia, with the support of Barcelona City Council.
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