Culture et arts en soutien de la cohesion sociale dans le villes de l´Amérique latine - LAIC

Bientôt disponible en français. On 22 June, Interarts and BOZAR launched the first expert seminar of Culture and arts supporting social cohesion in Latin American cities - LAIC, a project funded by the European Commission and running until July 2017. Followed by a public debate, the seminar brought together more than 20 researchers, cultural managers, cultural directors and architects from Latin America and Europe, offering an opportunity to make comparisons between contexts whilst also highlighting contemporary challenges related to cities, cultural cooperation and the identification of best practices in both continents. For the latter, Medellin in Colombia is often quoted as a new model for urban development and culture, in spite of a complicated past, proving that the relation between cities and culture remains a key challenge for numerous decision-makers, artists and cultural operators across the globe. The LAIC project aims at facilitating exchange and joint action and supporting peer learning on the linkages between culture and development for Latin American artists and cultural operators, as well as triggering joint dialogue with their European counterparts. The project should create opportunities for Latin American creators, especially those from Lima (Peru), San Salvador (El Salvador), Curitiba (Brazil), Medellin (Colombia) and Puebla (Mexico), to work and implement projects in the field of culture and urban social cohesion. The next activity will be a workshop organised in Medellin later this year. In 2017, an exhibition at BOZAR will showcase several arts-driven initiatives in Latin America focusing on social cohesion and urban development.
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