In this section you will find documents and information to expand and update your knowledge on the cultural and creative sector. Should you mention them as references in any work, please remember to quote the original source.

“Culture cluster”

Montréal Metropolitan Community, 2005. Final report

Cultura y Desarrollo

International seminar, Girona, 2010. Conclusions

“Cultura y desarrollo: ¿Una respuesta a los desafíos del futuro?”

Agencia Española para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo (AECID). 2009. Final report

“Cultura, Cooperación descentralizada y Desarrollo Local”

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Creatividad e innovación, motor de competitividad en las regiones”

European Commission, Directorate General for Regional Policy, 2009. Final report

Creatives Industries

Conference (conclusions), Berlin 2007

“Creative Economy report 2008”

United Nations. Final report

“Creative economy as a development strategy: a view of developing countries”

Editor: Ana Carla Fonseca Reis, São Paulo: ItaúCultural, 2008. Book

“Clústers culturales, Inmigración e Industria Cultural en Miami, Berlín, Marsella y Londres”

Spanish Government, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Final report