The second phase for the FomeccBiz Medellín-Barcelona project begins

Within the framework of the Programa de Fomento de Empresas Culturales y Creativas - FOMECC, Interarts and the University of Antioquia (Colombia) kick-started the second phase of the "FomeccBiz Medellín-Barcelona: creation of cultural business fabric for local development" project before the summer. This initiative aims to strengthen the action capacity of the cultural entrepreneurs in Medellín through institutional strengthening, implementation of innovative methodologies in the production and commercialization of cultural services and products, and the exchange of collaboration and business models between Medellín and Barcelona. Whereas during the first phase efforts were especially focused on the audiovisual field, during the second one the sphere of action has been broadened and also includes the music sector. In this spirit, a transmedia co-creation workshop where both artistic spheres will take part is envisaged amongst the planned activities. The Medellín Audiovisual, Videogame and Animation Association (AVA) and Gestar Cultural are collaborating with FomeccBiz Medellín-Barcelona II. This initiative has the support of the ''Barcelona Solidària'' program from the Barcelona city hall, and in tandem with it the professional and business platform FomeccBiz continues to be at the disposal of all cultural and creative entrepreneurs of any sector and geographical area with the aim to provide them with a virtual shop window for their products and services, and a space for exchange.
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