Participatory format at the Annual Meeting and Public Conference of Culture Action Europe

The cities of Newcastle and Gateshead, in the UK, hosted the Culture Action Europe (CAE) Annual General Assembly and Public Conference, attended by over 180 participants. The title of the conference was ''Beyond the Obvious'' and its program was organized mostly in working groups to tackle three main questions: a) how can the European cultural sector measure the impact of cultural activity on society, b) how can it enable the cultural transformation of cities, and c) which are, in the age of collaborative economy, the new organizational models for culture. The conference concluded with more questions than answers, a satisfactory outcome for an event that aimed at opening open pathways for reflection and be a starting point for further exchanges between participants, beyond the conference itself. In her speech, Mercedes Giovinazzo, Interarts director and Chair of the Executive Committee of CAE, highlighted that the organization has deeply renewed its working methods and has deliberately chosen to develop active dialogue, research, conferences, public debates and training laboratories, in order in order to better support the cultural sector in these changing times and to face the new social, economic and political conditions.

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