Inauguration of 'Latin American Cartographies'

The project 'LAIC - Culture and Arts in Support of Social Cohesion in Latin America' was the focalpoint of two events held in Brussels on 18 May. In the morning, LAIC was part of the Infopoint of the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission, where project coordinator Toni Cots and representatives of some of the organisations and art collectives that have taken part in LAIC explained to the public how this project that puts art at the service of the community and citizenship has been developed (Video of the session available here). In the afternoon, the exhibition of all the work carried out during the LAIC process was inaugurated at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels. 'Latin American Cartographies' shows the visual outcome of Latin American and European artists' reflections on urban realities in Latin America based on five key concepts: violence, learning, memory, resilience and mobility. 'Latin American Cartographies' is open until 6 August 2017. LAIC is a project implemented by Interarts (Spain) and BOZAR (Belgium) and financed by the European Union.
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