Crowdfunding, Cultural Governance and the Public Value of Culture: 3 New EENC Publications

The website of the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) now features three new documents elaborated by experts following requests from the European Commission. On the one hand, a report on Crowdfunding Schemes in Europe and their Legal Implications, which analyses existing crowdfunding schemes in the cultural and creative sector, identifies issues which potentially affect EU competences or regulatory frameworks and presents policy recommendations in this field. The report was written by David Röthler and Karsten Wenzlaff in 2011. On the other hand, two literature reviews prepared in the context of preparations for a European conference on cultural governance held in Cyprus last August. In this context, John Holden and Jordi Baltà analysed over 50 books, articles and presentations addressing the public value of culture in different countries and contexts; whereas Vesna Čopič and Andrej Srakar focused on cultural governance, collecting and analysing over 50 references which address the issue, its implementation models and its implications as regards several policy fields. The EENC is coordinated by Interarts and Culture Action Europe.

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